Due to the nature of the products we sell please read the product description carefully along with a few online reviews of products and make sure the product is suitable for your intended needs.

HDCM.com.au will not provide refunds or exchanges in any situation because you simply changed your mind. We pride ourself on selling only the best quality products. If we did provide refunds or exchanges simply due to customers changing their minds, we would have to resell second-hand items as new to customers and this is something that we will never do. Other stores may allow you to return items after a few weeks of use, but these same stores are reselling these used items as new to unsuspecting customers.

The majority of products sold online come with a 3 month warranty, a few specialized products have warranties of up to 12 months, if you are unsure / concerned about the warranty period for your product please contact sales@hillsdistrictconsolemods.com.au for more information.

Some products need manufacturer's authorization for a repair / replacements, this is a requirement by the manufacture not us. However in most instances seeking manufacturer's support prior to been given an authorization fixes 90% of the problems people are having with their products as they are often caused by user error.

Some of our services may VOID your manufacturer's warranty.

Please ensure you are not violating any terms and conditions of additional 3rd party services you may use (ie. XBL / PSN), we will NOT be held responsible for any action taken by these vendors due to usage of any of our services.

For clarification or more information please email sales@hillsdistrictconsolemods.com.au

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